Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Campsite

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you already know that Great Escapes North Texas will have five Halloween weekends. That’s right, every weekend of October, Great Escapes North Texas will be hosting the Halloween Spooktacular Weekend. Activities will include arts and crafts, pumpkin carving, a costume contest, a campsite/cabin decorating contest, and much more. We wanted to give you some Halloween decorating ideas for your campsite because there will be prizes for 1st-5th place.

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Campsite Halloween Decorating Ideas

Spooky Glowing Eyes: This is a great one for the kids to get involved. Flatten an empty toilet paper roll. Then, using a pair of scissors, cut out two half oval eye shapes. Once unflattened, you will have eye holes. In the evening, tape a glow stick to the inside of the roll. Place them in bushes, under rocks, or any other visible nook and cranny of your campsite for sets of spooky glowing eyes.

Cool Skeleton: Plastic skeletons are everywhere in Halloween decorations. The trick is finding places to display them. For a camping flair, place the skeleton in an ice chest with the legs sticking out. And don’t forget about the trick or treaters. Yes, that’s right, the kids will come to each campsite for a trick or a treat. What better to use as a candy dish than your brand new, extra spooky, skeleton cooler?!

Inflatable Spooks: One easy way to pack small and play big with Halloween decorating is to use inflatable decorations. You can find them in the shapes of ghosts, goblins, witches, and even Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Many of them fold up nice and small to pack in your car or RV as the bulk of them is the fan that keeps them up. You can easily take these decorations home to become yard decorations after the spooktacular weekend too.

We Can’t Wait To See Your Halloween Decorating Ideas!

Halloween campers are known for competitive decorating, outdoor cooking, and having a good time. Decorating your campsite is an art, and like all arts, it can take some trial and error and experience. What better way to get some excellent Halloween decorating ideas than from joining Great Escapes North Texas and your fellow Halloween campers every weekend in October?

Let the Spooktacular Fun Begin!

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